Office Phone Booths & Privacy Booths

Our office privacy booths have helped a range of happy customers, from startups to corporations, in improving the wellbeing of their employees by providing a flexible and private place to do focused work. For better or worse, many of our office spaces have an open layout from the outset. Whether you lease or own your office space, it's incredibly expensive and disruptive to take on new privacy enhancing construction projects. Our collection of privacy rooms are a straightforward solution that erases the long timeline, big expense, and disruption of such projects. 

Private Spaces' origins lie in the furniture industry. Our experience from furnishing hundreds of workspaces saw a discouraging trend in the past couple of decades. We started to go into office spaces with ever increasing row after row of packed workers in a vast open layout, most with personal noise cancelling headphones. For us, business was great but something felt off. Our goal with our products is always to improve a space not make it worse. For this reason, we downsized our offerings and decided to go into the privacy room business.

If you're looking to improve your office space, you have a partner in us.