About us

Hey there, and welcome to Private Spaces! 🌟 We’re not just a company; we’re a community dedicated to breathing life into workspaces, whether you're a bustling corporation or a fresh-faced startup.

Our journey began with a simple focus on furniture, but as we ventured into offices for installations, we discovered a bigger need. We saw desks filling open spaces, occupied with unhappy employees. Headphones in, getting through their work, patiently waiting for the day to end. That sparked something in us. 

We understand the struggle; adding cozy spaces for focused work without construction feels like a dream. That’s where our signature office phone booths and other smart solutions come in! Quick, stylish, and cost-effective, they’re a hassle-free way to give your employees a private space for productive work. 

Our products are all about simplicity—just add to your floor plan and watch your entire office and workforce completely transform. But we know every workplace is unique. That’s why we’re here to chat, ready to tailor our solutions to fit your vibe. Reach out anytime; your questions matter, and you’re more than just an email to us.

Let's help your workforce ditch those headphones 🎧 and create a place where ideas flourish and everyone feels at home. 

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