About Us

For over two decades, Euro Space USA, INC., Private Spaces’ parent company, has established itself as a key innovator of workplace furniture and design in the SF Bay Area. From our experience furnishing client spaces like Google, Tesla, WhatsApp, Lyft, Yelp and many others, we’ve gained a unique understanding of the direct impact that your workplace environment has on employee engagement, productivity and work culture enhancement. 

With Private Spaces our focus has evolved to innovating environments for work that emphasize visual and auditory privacy. Most of us will spend upwards of one-third of our life in the workplace and we realize that you need more than ergonomic comfort to take a private call or meeting in an open office layout. Our new product, the MotionPod, is a modular, mobile, environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to expensive construction projects. It is at the center of our product offerings and with the current COVID crisis, we are working quickly to implement necessary safety features as well. Alongside our furniture and seating options we seek to be your one-stop shop and partner in creating an accessible solution for busy professionals looking to quickly manage their workspace in a more private and efficient way.