About Us

We’ve enhanced the office spaces of corporations to new startups just looking to set up shop and get to work as soon as possible. Our mission is to provide tried and true products, like office phone booths and conference tables that will form the foundation of where you’ll do your best focused work or collaborate with fellow teammates. . 

Our company has evolved from an exclusively furniture focused past. Working on installation appointments, we started to see a trend of companies with open space offices handling growth by stacking row upon row of desks; many employees with their respective noise-canceling headphones, perhaps wondering if this was really the right place for them. 

We truly sympathize with facility managers in trying to solve this problem and better their workplace environment. It’s simply not practical to begin construction projects to add quiet, more private spaces. It’s time consuming, disrupts worklife, and of course, it’s incredibly expensive. 

Our office phone booths are highly engineered and give you a quality, modular way to structure space in your open office without needing to begin an expensive construction project. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they look pretty cool in your space. They’re always a conversation starter in our experience. 

Although our line of products are as plug and play as you can get, in some cases, a conversation about facility specifications, etc. is important. Go ahead and reach out and ask as many questions as you need. We’re interested in finding the right solution for you, so don’t worry about being added to an email list.