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  • "The software engineering team basically lives in these meeting pods. They love doing focused work away from office chatter"

    James E.

    San Francisco, CA

  • "Our employees can't stay away from these office booths. We had to implement scheduling software to manage usage"

    Jacqueline S.

    Dallas, TX

  • "These office pods are better than an office cubicle. They're like little offices for everyone. Our team really loves them!"

    Victoria A.

    Columbus, OH

Making the Office Worth the Commute.

Office workers lose uncountable hours of productivity due to unwanted interruptions in the office. We've helped startups and corporations strike a necessary, cost-effective balance between independent work and collaboration.

Time-Tested Conference Room Tables

We're on a mission to add private spaces in your workplace. However, we know that building an intentional space for collaboration is just as important.

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