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SB-XL Office Meeting Room

SB-XL Office Meeting Room

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Transform your open office space with the SB-XL Meeting Office Phone Booth: See how our office pod can elevate privacy and employee productivity! 

The SB-XL model is our largest office phone booth. It can accommodate up to 6 people and increases office productivity by adding intentional, private spaces employees can do focused work in. Here’s the deal, open layout offices do not work for every company structure. If your employees are sitting next to each other in stacked desks, noise canceling headphones on hand, chances are you have a privacy problem and likely an unhappy workforce. See how our modular, privacy products quickly solve this pain point for your rapidly growing organization. 


30% Aviation Grade Aluminum; 45% Carbon Composite Panels; 20% 10 mm, Double-Glazed, Tempered, Safety Glass; 5% Sound Insulating Panels

(3) Turbo Fans: low-noise exhaust fans that refresh internal air continuously

(4) Electrical outlets, (2) USB-C & (4) USB-A

100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

4000 K LED natural light

STC Rating 30 ± 5 dB

Stabilizing bottom feet 

External open port for extra data/power cable needs

Sensors that activate lights and fans when someone steps into the unit 

60% of the interior is covered in sound-absorbing polyester fiber panels made from recycled water bottles

A straightforward modular assembly that only requires a 90-degree fastener tool 


Exterior: 84" D x 86.6” W × 90.6” H

Interior: 82.7" D x 80.3” W × 84.3” H


In crate: 1,651 lb

Net weight: 1,499 lb


Each SB-XL office phone booth has a 2-year warranty. 

Our warranty provides coverage for manufacturer defects but does not extend to damage caused by end users.


Shopping for an office phone booth can be tricky, but we're here to help! If you have any questions about our products and how they fit your needs, feel free to reach out by sending us a message or via chat. We promise to answer your questions quickly and won't put you on any email lists.

Our phone pods are designed specifically for your team, providing a smart alternative to expensive construction projects. After you place an order, the delivery window for your booth is typically 8–12 weeks, and we offer free inside delivery with your purchase.

For a seamless experience, we highly recommend adding our white glove installation service. The cost of installing our SB-XL office phone booth is $2,000. This additional service ensures a professional and hassle-free setup, saving you time and effort.

Upgrade your space with our office phone booth today!

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