The results are in... 18-34's want to be back in the office, but will it be YOUR office?

Posted by Mark Denham on

The more I speak to people, the more I hear about the Hybrid way of working.

Since the pandemic, people have more OPTIONS.

Long round-trip commutes to the office 5 days a week may not be their only choice anymore.

Working from home is here to stay.

But what does that mean for your organization?

Retaining good employees is critical to recapturing the positive momentum of the pre-pandemic period.

In this highly competitive job market, employees today demand flexibility and comfort.

They want the ease of use and efficiency.

Open floor plans with rows and rows of benching, constant disruptions with little or no privacy will NO LONGER CUT IT.

If you want to encourage people to stay...

You need to start putting some effort into your office environment.

There's a reason out of 1500 people, 65% said they prefer the hybrid way of working.

And of that, 33% said they prefer to work from HOME!

That’s a HUGE proportion.

You've instantly lost 1 third of your workforce from the office.

People no longer want to work in an outdated, uncomfortable, NOISY space.

They have a quiet desk at home with a hot cup of coffee waiting for them in the same place every morning.

They can work in peace every single day without the constant interruption from 50 people in an open room with no walls.

Work is their pride and joy... they want to do a good job and clock off in time for dinner.

Plus they don’t have to make that stressful journey on the subway pressed up against the window by the guy who forgot to shower this week. 

So, what are you actually doing to encourage people to stay?

What’s your unique selling point?

With so many job options, why should they make the effort for your company?

Well, I can give you one solution.

But I have to be honest...

Feedback from the customer is they’re more like home pods than office pods.

Almost like their very own private home office.

A private space that’s unique and gives employees the room they need to work.

Once the door is closed...

The beautiful finishes and double-glazed glass instantly shut out the world around you.

Privacy to take the confidential conference call, a quiet meeting room to meet with your team, or the quiet space to hear yourself think.

In fact, these booths have been so popular...

When I walk in to meet the manager, I often see staff lining up just to use them.

Imagine that..

An office environment that people actually WANT TO WORK IN.

These things are going pretty quickly at the moment, and you probably see why.

If you feel like your office space needs an update and a fresh new feel.  

Drop me a note or give me a call, I’ve been doing this successfully for over 30 years.


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