If you told me 10 years ago, I would be selling booths all over the USA, I wouldn’t believe you.

Posted by Mark Denham on

This week reminded me why I love what I do...

Being comfortable at work is so important

Not just for productivity and efficiency... but also for your mental health

I’ve visited hundreds of offices in my career.

And although they all have their unique quirks and style
In my opinion...

The best ones are those that allow employees their own personal space

To switch off from the noise around them and focus

That’s why our customers love these office booths

> They’re cost-effective
> Fantastic quality
> Easy to set up
> Incredibly quiet inside!

And having personally worked in so many uncomfortable places

Environments that look cool but are busier than a trading floor in New York

I’m super proud to be on this journey assisting companies to maximize their space and help staff work more effectively!

A happy team = better productivity

Happy Tuesday!


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